Adventure Activities

Indulge yourself in the engaging activities offered at Essence of Nature to break the monotony of daily life. Explore the diversity of this enticing location with our fun-filled and adventurous activities. Unveiling the charm of landscapes and wildlife, this place is a heaven for photographers, wanderers, researchers, and creative minds.

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Boasting the grandeur of natural glory in all the directions, EoN has perfect settings for indoor and outdoor games. You can try your hands on Carom, Chess, Table Tennis, Ludo, Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Archery and Badminton to relive your childhood days. Games are an ideal stress-buster and enhance your mental and motor skills simultaneously.


When you visit Essence of Nature you can actually plan to have three vacations together! You can make go for a safari at the world renowned Jim Corbett National Park; visit the quaint hill station of Ranikhet; or you can also go for a boating at the picturesque lake of Nainital!

In short, Essence of Nature gives you the opportunity to have the most ideal vacation, ever.

  • Ranikhet
  • Jim Corbett
  • Nanitaal
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Local Village Tour

Stepping out of the property facilities, EoN takes its guests to the Local Village tour, where they get a chance to interact and reside with the villagers who belong to Kumaon community. The culture showcases a perfect blend of the indigenous people and of those who had migrated to the beautiful hills. Patrons could stay with the natives to explore their beautiful culture, delicious cuisines, colorful attire, dialects, festivals, customs and traditions.

These friendly folks cordially welcome you to stay with them and savor the authentic home-cooked food, prepared freshly from the organic ingredients grown in their farms. You can discover their daily chores, learn the amazing Kumaoni language and experience the richness of their exuberant “Pahadi” culture. Read More +