WELLNESS BY NATURE - Holistic Wellness Centre and Therapeutic Spa


Visit Wellness by Nature which is India’s, and arguably world’s, first holistic wellness centre inspired by the mighty Himalayas, located at Essence of Nature, one of India’s finest natural wellness based boutique luxury resorts. 

It ushers in an era of holistic wellbeing that helps detoxify the body, mind and soul of not only the urban stress and trauma but also heals, in most cases, without the usage of medicines which provide for permanent cure, and not just short term relief.

Major advantages of Wellness by Nature - Holistic Wellness Centre, at Essence of Nature Resort are:

  • Add life to years and improve quality of life of each individual
  • Improve final outcome of every sickness
  • Effect permanent cure from most of the diseases in majority of persons
  • Saves from the hazards of medicines & surgical interventions by minimizing  dependence on these procedures
  • Enhances better health & comprehensive wellness through adopting a system that complements all conventional specialties of medicine 
  • Provides an unparalleled rejuvenating experience for all visitors 


  • An array of healing and rejuvenating packages ranging from refreshing spa facilities to advanced acupuncture and physiotherapy sessions to customised naturopathy and Yoga therapies
  • Holistic wellness treatments under an expert team consisting of Medical practitioners, Physiotherapists, Yoga experts & Dietitians
  • Follow a healing system that has been endorsed by erstwhile Prime Ministers, Ministers, & Governors of the Republic of India; Ambassadors & High Commissioners of several nations; noted international cricketers among others
  • Imbibe holistic wellbeing by being exposed to nature’s purity in the form of air, water & food at a zero-pollution environment at a height of 6000 feet above sea level. Cherish milk produced fresh from own dairy raised in an organic manner. Savour cuisines flavoured with local herbs & shrubs that have proven therapeutic benefits
  • Recuperate at a property that is Vaastu compliant with all luxurious accommodations facing North-East towards the mighty Himalayas
  • Located amid dense forests of Oak, Deodar & Rhododendron and perched at the top of a hill, the place cocoons all visitors in nature’s care. The abundant species of birds & other flora & fauna can also naturally cheer up all
  • With abundant opportunities for outdoor exercises like trekking, hiking, mountain biking, the location is the perfect setting for rejuvenating your mind, body & soul

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