What is Naturopathy and what are its benefits?

Naturopathic medicine is a system that uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself. It embraces many therapies, including herbs, massage, acupuncture, exercise, and nutritional counseling.

Naturopathy was brought to the United States from Germany in the 1800s, but some of its treatments are centuries old. Today, it combines traditional treatments with modern science.

The practices & principles of Naturopathy are older than those of conventional medicine & are globally known for promoting & maintaining body’s long-term optimal health. There are few naturopathy centers in India which help to cure disorders.

Following are a few of the many benefits of Naturopathic treatment:

  1. Disease prevention

Preventing the disease from developing in the first place, is the most effective way of combating it. In Naturopathy, prevention of disease is at the forefront of the field, followed by proper nutrition in order to gain a healthy body & a healthy immune system.

  1. Treatment of disorders

Naturopathy has the power to holistically treat many of the common ailments by traditional medicine. Some of the most common types of disorders & disease treated using naturopathy treatment are digestive disorders, allergies, headaches, common colds, skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis. The key part of managing the symptoms is nutrition & another part of the naturopathic process.

  1. Sleeping aid:

Naturopathic medicine offers solution to overcome insomnia & other sleep disorders. Herbal treatments offered in Naturopathy combined with a nutritional regimen ultimately helps better sleeping habits.

  1. Alternative therapies:

Naturopathy offers multiple treatments depending on the individual requirements. It employs the use of natural supplements, herbs, botanical remedies, homeopathy, performing reiki & acupuncture, or facilitates a powerful combination of these treatment options.

  1. Increases self-awareness:

Naturopathy treatment helps connect the patients with their inner self. It helps the patients better understand their bodies. As when one gets to know their body, they better understand what it’s trying to communicate in the form of symptoms. It eventually helps one listen to their body as to what it’s telling when they experience aches, pains or other symptoms.

  1. Changes the way one think:

Naturopathy is an approach that emphasizes on a combination of emotional, physical & spiritual wellness, so one is exposed to a holistic path to health. It helps one recognize the importance of spiritual, psychological & social elements to one’s well- being.

  1. Safe & effective treatment:

Naturopathic practice aims at treating the underlying disease & disorders & restoring the natural body functions by encouraging the body’s own healing capacities. It assist’s the body’s healing powers by using safe & effective non-pharmaceutical approaches.

It is a highly individualized treatment that involves facilitating effective restoring techniques, self-care decisions, and much more which can prevent future health problems.

Naturopathy stimulates positive thinking, lowers stress, anxiety & depression, improves overall health, enhances outlook, boosts optimism, and improves one’s ability to cope with health-related issues.

It is an individualized treatment that aims at transforming one’s overall well-being.

10 Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is often partially understood as being limited to asanas or poses, and its benefits are only perceived to be at the physical level. However, we fail to realize the immense benefits yoga offers in uniting the body, mind, and breath. When you are in harmony, the journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling. So, if you are keen to lose weight, develop a strong and flexible body or being at peace, then yoga can help you achieve it all.

  • Improves posture

Working for long hours on a desk could not only hurt your spine but also make you feel tired at the end of the day. Practicing certain yoga asanas could help you in improving your posture and also prevent pain in your neck and lower back.

  • Increases flexibility

When was the last time you wished you could easily touch your toes which bending forward? Well, practicing yoga could help you in that. Yoga can not only help you in increasing your flexibility but also let you perform complex asanas.

  • Builds muscle strength

Yoga could help in strengthening weak muscles of the body. It helps in toning which prevents frequent straining of the muscles.

  • Boosts metabolism

Yoga helps in retaining the vitality in your body along with keeping it fit. It motivates you towards healthy eating and improves the metabolic system of the body.

  • Helps in lowering blood sugar

Yoga not only helps in lowering blood sugar but also lowers bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol. It encourages weight loss and improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

  • Increases blood flow

The relaxation exercises in yoga regulate blood to all parts of your body. Exercises such as handstand, helps venous blood from the lower part of the body to flow back to your heart, where it can be pumped back to the lungs to be oxygenated.

  • Keep diseases at bay

Yoga exercises have a beneficial effect on the immune system. It not only helps in destroying various viruses we catch during season change, but also boosts our immunity to fight off diseases.

  • Increases self-esteem

Practicing yoga would help you explore a        different side of yourself. It would make you feel good about yourself and helps you take a positive approach in life.

  • Improves lung function

A lot of breathing exercises are said to improve lung function. Doing such exercises in a long run could cure respiratory problems. It also increases the capacity of your lungs.

  • Helps you sleep better

Yoga helps in reducing stress and creates a routine which in turn makes a regular sleeping pattern. A relaxed body gets a deeper and more peaceful sleep

Yoga is one such thing which can benefit a lot without any cost and without any harm.

Plan an efficient Vacation to Hills

Whenever we plan a vacation, we tend to ignore the most important part and that is efficient and effective packing of the things we may need on the vacation. Everybody gets irritated when somebody gives a lecture on packing the bags in advance but that is one precious advice. Packing in advance helps to remember all the stuff that one is taking with him on the vacation and hence will be aware of if anything goes missing.

Packing early helps in taking all that which is needed and makes a vacation much happening and a good one for everybody. Just imagine, going on a vacation to hills and not having woolens?

While travelling to hills and when we zero on a hill station, the next big task is packing for the trip. We make lists of things to carry while travelling to hill station. And this is when “just in case” haunts our mind. It’s important to realize that even after packing every single thing that crosses our mind; there are things that we miss out.

Making your work easy, given below is the list of items that one needs to carry on a vacation to hill station:



On a trip lasting for a week or less, two good quality jackets or coats in basic shades are hill station dress code. You can go fancy with your sweaters and pullovers. Invest in good body-warmers as they can work wonders even in the most extreme seasons. Be generous in carrying socks but two pairs of gloves, two caps and a muffler should be enough. While a down jacket and a fleece are enough clothes to wear in hill station during summer.




No matter how much you stuff yourself with woolens, wrong shoes will beat the purpose. Carry a good pair of shoes or boots as these are perfect for hill climbing and snow walking. Leave your heels and loafers home. Just carry an extra pair of indoor-outdoor slip-proof slippers that you can wear inside or outside the premises of your hotel.




We all love snow and rain but our immune system is constantly at war in such weather conditions. Keeping basic medicines handy is a smart move. These should be the only “just in case” product in your bag. People who have motion sickness can a carry a medicine to counter vomiting sensation while going up – down the hill on a vehicle. It is one of the most essential things to carry while travelling to anywhere in the world. If you’re someone who easily falls sick and is searching for what to carry while travelling to hill station, some cold and altitude sickness medications are important to carry with you.




Chocolates are not just to settle your sugar – cravings. They are also the best source of instant warm up and energy. Mountain climbing is an exhausting task and you may need to charge up. Also, cold can be restrictive at times. By eating chocolate you will feel much energized and warm. Chocolate are yummy and easy to carry and consume.




The uninvited guests, snowfall and rain can knock your door anytime. You should be ready with an umbrella. These weather surprises look ”romantic” only in movies, but in real life they can be a complete spoiler to your perfect picture of holidays. If you are not willing to carry a huge umbrella, go for a lightweight multi-fold one.



5 Reasons to treat yourself with a spa treatment

Spas offer an enticing and serene atmosphere that not only induce relaxation, but also promote health by reducing stress levels and cleansing the body of toxins that have built up over time. Stress is linked to behavior that is detrimental to health (over-eating, smoking, and drinking) and spas serve to balance the psychological and the physical in this way. There are many ways in which spas contribute to a healthier appearance overall.

Spa treatments and massage therapies, which are quick and relatively affordable, create both mental and physical health benefits. In fact, studies have shown that the frequency of visiting a spa directly correlates with better quality sleep, fewer sick days, reduced absenteeism from work and fewer hospitalizations. More specifically, the heat from a hot tub, sauna or steam shower soothes aches and pains from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other joint issues. Hydrotherapy, heat therapy and massages both improve blood circulation and manage blood pressure. Some spas even have Pilates and yoga, which improve flexibility and breathing.

Here are some benefits of Spa that one should be aware about:



A visit to the spa offers a great opportunity to separate you from life’s everyday stress and have some precious ‘me time’. Allowing yourself this time to wind down and relax has so many additional benefits, such as a clear mind and increased productivity once you leave your treatment.




Many spa treatments can actually help with anti-ageing. Facials are known to help delay and prevent the onset of wrinkles by stimulating skin cells and hydrating the skin. Additionally, generally giving yourself time to relax and de-stress is a great anti-ageing technique in itself! It can be hard to afford the time for relaxation day-to-day, but assigning yourself some time to do so at the spa can be extremely advantageous.




If one struggles to sleep, one of the many benefits of a spa trip is that many treatments can help one to catch more of those valuable Z’s. Massages completely relax the muscles and lower the blood pressure, also help to maintain a healthy heart rate, all of which contribute to a better night’s sleep.




General aches and pains are a common occurrence for many, with exercise, sleeping on an non supportive mattress, and sitting for long periods of time at a desk all contributing to them. A great way of relieving these aches is via a relaxing massage, either full body or one that focuses on your problem areas, which helps to fully relax the muscle tissue.





There are various theories when it comes to the relationship between spa treatments and weight loss, but many support a relationship between the two. Hot spa treatments open up the skin’s pores, help the body to ward off toxins, and also encourage the body to burn calories. Additionally, deep tissue massages can help the body to break down fatty deposits through the pressure and friction exerted on the skin.

Spa and treatments are a big relief for all those who struggle to find some quality time for them and forget to pamper the self in the hectic world of corporate life. It gives proper rejuvenation and activeness to health which induces greater productivity.


Organic Food is extremely popular and everyone wants to know about its benefits. The sweeping public opinion that organic food is healthier than conventional food is quite strong and is the main reason for the increase in its demand over the past 5-6 years. Organic Facts is a strong proponent of organic food; however, this website also believes in putting across the most accurate facts to its visitors.

This article will explain what organic food is, how it is beneficial, and what the standards are for the same. This is to substantiate that organic food is good for health.

Some amazing benefits of Organic Foods:





GMO (genetically modified organisms) have been linked to infertility, allergies, intestinal damage, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases. Unfortunately, avoiding GMO food is next to impossible until you start consuming organic food.




Studies have indicated that GMO fruits and vegetables are treated with pesticides that in return produce pesticides within them, hence the genetically modified foods we eat, have pesticides, both in them and on them, which may cause further complications and threats to your body.




Organic foods are better for your health overall. Research indicates that organic fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium, iron, chromium, and magnesium.




Since it is not genetically modified, or covered up with pesticides, organic produce has a richer and better overall taste and is much more gratifying.


Organic is the way that food was meant to be produced; food that we put into our bodies should not be full of pesticides or hormones and antibiotics, and they should not be genetically modified.

The reality is that we know for a fact that non-organic items are potentially more harmful to our health and us and have many more side effects than we already know. Eating organic food helps the environment and it can help reduce your risk of cancer and other health effects.

Why do you need a Wellness Retreat?

Instead of a guilt inducing holiday choose a luxurious wellness health retreat and give your body the best present that it has received and can ever receive. We all welcome and keenly wait for the vacations to relax but on a wellness retreat one can not only relax but can also take care of the well being mentally and physically which is generally neglected in this life full of hassle.

A wellness retreat is a special kind of getaway not quite a vacation, not quite an adventure, and yet likely the most rewarding getaway you’ll ever give yourself. Because that’s exactly what a wellness retreat is a gift to yourself, a chance to up the ante on your mental and spiritual well-being.

Going on a wellness retreat takes one out of the everyday life in a way just about nothing else can. One can choose your degree of removal, but often the best way to get the most out of the experience is to completely unplug and leave the job behind, shut down all the technology, and allow oneself to simply be.




Wellness retreats are also known as weight loss retreats, simply because at these kinds of retreats, one is exposed to a different way of looking at food – one can learn to appreciate food for its actual purpose and not just as a way to satisfy your emotional cravings. Because that’s just it – many of us treat food as an escape, and this attitude has got to change; if one is serious about losing weight, a proper fitness vacation could very well be the best option.




With today’s demanding lifestyles, we are constantly stressed. No one can deny that the stress levels have gone through the roof and sometimes, people themselves are not aware of it. Everybody actually think it’s a normal thing to be stressed all the time. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By going to a wellness retreat, one is not just getting rid  of unwanted body weight but also paving the way for a more stress-free life. Imagine being surrounded with the beauty of nature in a secluded and soothing environment; that’s often what one gets while on a wellness retreat.  Just being in the midst of nature is enough to rejuvenate and awaken the senses, making for a totally relaxing and calming experience.




We all need to re-charge our batteries and what better way to do it than by going on a weight loss vacation? But the type of vacation provided by a wellness retreat doesn’t aim to starve on the contrary one will learn to understand food and its nutritional value as well as taste and one may be able to refresh the mind and body with activities designed to help and become a better individual.


Visiting a retreat forces one to stop, to break the maddening routine that perhaps is not serving. It affords one some space, fresh air, healthy food, some exercise and much needed rest. It’s a time effective way to get educated, reflect on an individual’s health and contemplate change.

One wouldn’t need a holiday from this kind of holiday because one come away re-freshen, re-energized and re-focused and maybe a few kilos lighter.